The Best Second Hand Deal in History…

A combination of Black Dyke’s Besson quality and Band Supplies outstanding service has seen the triple champion’s instruments find new homes in record time…

“Without doubt the most successful second-hand deal in history.”

That’s the opinion of Band Supplies MD Ronnie Tennant, after the respected retailer sold its complete stock of Black Dyke pre-owned Besson instruments in record time.

Nothing quite like it

“We have experienced nothing quite like it in the 30 years,” Ronnie told 4BR. “As soon as the news went up on 4BR we were inundated with calls and e-mails from all over the banding world. Players and bands just wanted to get their hands on instruments played by Black Dyke.”

First to go were the quartet of Besson Sovereign tubas – to a new home at the 2nd Rosendale Scout Group Band – quickly followed by the sale of the horns, euphoniums, baritones and cornets to all parts of the globe.

‘We had a great deal – and we have four of the happiest tuba players you can imagine’~ MD, Graham Helm

Couldn’t believe luck

MD Graham Helm told 4BR he couldn’t believe his luck after being told that the instruments were available at the Band Supplies shop in Leeds.

“We had been hoping to get our hands on a complete tuba set for some time,” he said. “Out of the blue came this offer – and with the Black Dyke connection we knew they would be cracking instruments.

We were not disappointed at all. Band Supplies had given them a complete overhaul and so it was just a question of getting to Leeds to give them the once over.

We had a great deal – and we have four of the happiest tuba players you can imagine. All this and we didn’t have to pay an import tax to get them from Yorkshire to Lancashire, so our Treasurer is even happy!”

Fantastic opportunity

Band Supplies Manager Chris Tudball added: “This really has been a fantastic opportunity for players to get their hands on superb instruments – all with that added provenance of being played by the Triple champions.

It also shows that Black Dyke, Besson and Band Supplies is also a trio that cannot be beaten for quality either!”



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