Thank you to our patrons

WELL, it didn’t snow did it? Instead it just poured with rain in that critical hour before the Patrons’ Concert started when most people were trying to park their cars and walk to the church knowing that if they arrived much after 7pm there might not be a seat downstairs. With the Senior, Junior and Silver bands all there, plus a 40-strong choir and their supporters from over the Pennines, it was always going to be full – and so it turned out. Keighley Vocal Union Choir was in fine form and really went down a treat. We hope the link that has been established results in more joint concerts in the future.

It was good to see how the Silver Band has progressed over the years – they don’t perform in public often and it’s always good to hear them. What about the Junior Band? Well they put in a great performance.

They get a sizeable audience once a month at the church Saturday coffee mornings, but it’s good to see them stepping out of their comfort zone to play in a much bigger venue in front of a much larger audience – a bit like an away game if you like. There’s been a steady stream of players moving on from this band up to the Senior band and this is a very healthy sign. ‘growing your own’ is something we’ve always been good at and a big thank you must go to everyone involved in the work and rehearsals that the Junior band puts in week in week out. Early Saturday mornings after a long week at school must take a bit of will power and dedication so congratulations to all the players. From the band’s perspective the patrons’ concert was the fourth concert in a month and time to take a break – have a bit of a breather and then concentrate on preparing for, what for us is going to be, the undoubted highlight of the season – the Bridgewater Hall concert. We’re all looking forward to that.


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