Back to school for joint band and choir performance

JUST as we did last year, we joined up with Whitworth Community High School Choir and the school wind band for a Wednesday night concert in Whitworth. There was a last minute change of venue this year as a leak had soaked the floor of the school hall and made it unusable so the concert was moved to The Riverside public hall just down the road. It was a really nice venue with a good sized stage for the choir, plenty of room on the floor of the hall for the bands even when playing jointly and lots of space for café style seating round the tables for the audience. For our band it was a reprise of the already tried and test- ed items in this current season’s programme. For the choir a chance to perform their Hearts and Voices items in front of parents, friends and a ‘home’ audience and for the wind band a chance to demonstrate what they had been practicing in this year’s rehearsals – and they did it well. It is never easy to get a band playing and a choir singing at a high standard for an 11-16 school. They only have five years and then the pupils are off elsewhere So there is a continual and unavoidable through- put every year. With this in mind, both the choir and the band put up very creditable performances. Thanks are due to the Riverside staff who co-operated with the school staff to ensure concert went ahead despite the problems with the school hall.

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