Whit Friday 2019

SEEMS to have been the wettest June ever so in the week leading up to the Saddleworth contests, which are all outside, prospects looked pretty ominous.

Poured with rain on the Thursday and also on the Friday morning but miraculously it dried up early in the afternoon and only slightly drizzled at one of the venues.

Rained again on the Saturday. Our chosen contest piece had reverted back to Montreal Citadel of former years but we hadn’t had much chance to rehearse it as all our efforts had gone into getting ourselves ready for the Bridgewater concert the week before. So not over hopeful of much success but hey it’s a great night out and a totally different experience from that of an indoor concert arena.

A prompt get away and start at Lees allowed us to play at seven venues during the evening – Lees, Friezeland, Delph, Denshaw, Diggle, Dobcross and Grotton and we came away with Deportment prizes at Friezeland and Diggle and a very commendable prize for the best bass players at Friezeland.

All cash prizes rather than cups or trophies so the tin of Duraglit can stay unopened this year. As ever the coach firm Moving People provided us with transport and a brilliant driver who never seemed to mind the split second changes of mind as to which road to turn down next. A really enjoyable night out and a very new experience for the youngest band members.

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