On Song at Salesbury

After all the CD rehearsing and recording, it was good to get back to the normal run of the mill music at the concert at Salisbury. It was our second time playing there and it came with two added bonuses.

Firstly there was the addition of the Salesbury junior school choir. There’s nothing quite like a lot of young children singing their hearts out and they got a tremendous ovation from the full church.

Secondly, and this was the real highlight of the evening for me, was the soprano singer Victoria Chesterton with her rendition of ‘I dreamed a Dream’ from Les Miserables. It was fantastic. She expressed an interest in singing with the band again, so there’s an offer we can’t refuse. All in all a great night with the band getting stronger and stronger.

Although we had one or two people missing on the night we were fortunate to be able to call on quality replacements. The band’s associate conductor Phil McAuley played on the front row – he’s a former championship section player and how it shows. We also had the Principal euphonium player from Brighouse & Rastrick and what a tone he has, and fin- ally Gareth Henderson on B flat bass. This can only fire up our own players to get better and better.



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