Irwell Springs

Feel free to do more than one video/different parts if you wish

You will need a device to playback the backing track, and headphones to listen. This could be a computer/laptop/phone or tablet. Use headphones to listen to the backing track and video record yourself playing along. You may need to use two devices for this, eg: a laptop with headphones to play the backing track, and a phone to record the video.

Please check your tuning first, and have a listen to the track before you record – there is a rall at the end, on the 2nd time, just before the grandioso. The solo horn part is missing, and the trombone parts are in tenor clef so watch the accidentals! 

Once done, email the videos to me (

You can also send a dropbox/google drive link or use something like to send the video file to me. 

Ideally I need the videos for Friday 22nd January



Click the link below to hear the file. You should also be able to download it. 


Irwell Springs (Count In Click)



Solo Cornet


2nd Cornet

3rd Cornet

1st Horn

2nd Horn

1st Baritone

2nd Baritone

1st Trombone

2nd Trombone

Bass Trombone


Eb Bass

Bb Bass

Side Drum